Crafting a Compelling Vision That Will Motivate You, Now!
By Lisa Jimenez, M. Ed.
Mar 5, 2003, 08:00

Do you ever say to yourself, "I've got to get motivated!" and then continue to procrastinate taking any action in your Network Marketing business?

Think of it, you're self-employed. You don't have a boss breathing down your neck to keep you focused and on task. You don't have a weekly paycheck helping feed your motivation. You don't have a time clock to punch monitoring your productivity. It's very easy to allow temptations to creep in and get you off track. Or is it?

The reality of being self-employed in a Network Marketing business is that you have something more powerful than a boss, a paycheck, or a time clock: You have a dream; and a vehicle to manifest that dream!

So, here's my question to you. Do you lead with your dream? Is your dream so clear that you can feel it, smell it, see it, and describe it as if it were a life you've lived before? Furthermore, have you crafted a compelling vision that depicts your dream and do you use this vision to create desire and ignite motivation?

A compelling vision is a 30-second movie clip that depicts what success is to you. A clear vision is like a motivational vitamin - available for you whenever you need a shot of energy to get you back on track and refocused on your goal.

Having used cinematic verbiage, let me ask you something about the movie industry. What does every producer create before their blockbuster movie comes out? If your answer is a trailer; you guessed it. A trailer is a mini-movie that shows the highlights of the film. It helps sell the success of the movie. It entices you enough that you'll reach into your wallet and pull out the seven bucks it costs to go see it. It's actually big business in Hollywood. I have a high school friend
who's made millions of dollars creating these much needed trailers.

Like the movie trailer, your compelling vision will entice you to stay focused on your dream and do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Think of it, most of us get stuck playing a "bad movie". You know those movies, the ones where you messed up, lost a recruit, got dumped, heard a "no", or failed in some way. These negative movie-clips drain your energy. So why do you allow yourself to play them? Think of it this way: you would never sit through a bad movie twice. Right? So why do you play a bad movie in your mind over and over. Don't fool yourself. There is incredible power in what you allow your mind to think about.

Crafting a compelling vision is the driving force behind your behavior - and your results! While a negative movie-clip will cause you to repel success, an empowering one will give you the energy to attract success and make it happen.

I know the power that comes from crafting a compelling vision. I used this effective tool to accomplish one of my greatest achievements in my Direct Sales business...

It was the last day of our annual company convention. As I sat in the audience, I dreamed of walking up on stage at the following year's convention and accepting the award for top Court of Sales. I set a goal that day. However, the dream I had and the goal I set was not enough to achieve Court of Sales. The dream and the goal was only the first step...

After everyone had left the convention hall, I sneaked backstage. I walked out on the platform and looked out at the 10,000 empty seats, closed my eyes, and began creating my vision of success:

I'm standing tall in a glittering royal blue gown with silver trim. I smell the intense aroma from the botanical garden that encases the Court of Sales platform. I hear my name echoing over the sound system and begin walking down the fifteen steps (I counted them!) to a cheering auditorium. I accept my award and the keys to my brand new, shiny car. I feel the overwhelming love from all of my team members in the audience as they look up at me. We share a warm smile and celebrate success together!

When I returned from that convention, I bought a glittering royal blue gown and hung it outside my closet so I could see it everyday. I began playing that powerful 30-second movie-clip in my mind over and over again. I created an emotional attachment to my goal and began to really believe I could achieve it.

When the overwhelming amount of sales and recruiting calls got me down and the phone began to feel like a 3000lb rock, I'd stop what I was doing and play my movie clip. Instantly I felt motivated again and picked up the phone - excited to share my business opportunity and help someone else achieve their dreams!

At the following company convention I got to live out the vision I had played in my mind so many times before. I felt like royalty in my glittering dress, floating down the 15 steps to accept my award of top sales in front of the 10,000 cheering friends!

So, what about you? Do you have a dream? Have you set a goal?

The only difference between having a dream and living out the dream is action; and the most powerful way to ensure consistent action is to craft a compelling vision. Use your empowering vision to ignite your energy, invigorate your behavior, and be the driving force behind your success.

Make it a great and productive day!

--Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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