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Let Go of the Things That Keep You From Your Ultimate Good
By Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.
Mar 5, 2003, 08:00

"It's an offer I can't refuse," I told Randy during one of the Mastermind Conference Calls. I was just offered a principal position at a local Christian pre-school and had all these wonderful visions of what it would be like...

I pictured the students, learning and growing under my direction. I saw myself giving a smile and a hug to each one as they walked into class every morning. I heard the teachers sharing their ideas with me on how we could make our school better. I felt the parents patting me on the back and shaking my hand in congratulations to a job well done...

My thoughts were interrupted with Randy's voice over the other end of the phone. "This isn't what you're supposed to be doing," he lamented. "You are a professional speaker." I replied with the strong argument that this might just be the time for me to get back to my first career, which was teaching, and use my degree in school leadership. I began sharing my vision of being a principal with him. It was a waste of breath. Randy wasn't buying it. When I told him I could do both, he went through an exhausting explanation of how I was just getting seduced by the dark side of a regular paycheck. After a couple of hours (actually it was only a few minutes), it was someone else's turn, and I closed with the promise to think more about it before making a decision.

That weekend, I was giving a presentation for the National Speakers Association on how to build their speaking businesses.

Something strange, almost Super Natural, happened at that convention. First, when I walked into the hotel, I noticed that there were two conventions being held that weekend. One was for the Speakers Association and the other for the Principals Association!

Through out my entire stay, my conversations were either with a speaker or a principal. The principals I talked with brought back memories of why I left teaching. I remembered the bureaucracy involved in the educational system. I was reminded of the mounds of paperwork and long work hours. (I guess I forgot that part.) It seemed that every time I talked with a principal they would ask me how they, too, could get into professional speaking.

The other altering experience occurred during my presentation. In the middle of my talk, a lady raised her hand with a question. "What do you do when you are torn between two careers?" she asked. "Do you think I can be successful in the speaking business if I'm working on another career?" Her question shocked me. (To this day, I think Randy must have set her up!) But what surprised me even more was my response to her. It was as though God was speaking to her through me and at the same time directing the answer - with great precision - right to my heart.

"You can't serve two masters," I replied. "One will always suck the energy from the other." The next thing I knew I was telling my audience about the principal opportunity and how I was coming to realize a liberating truth: I need to have the courage to let go of things that keep me from my ultimate good.

What about you?

How committed are you to your business? If you were to rate your commitment level on a scale of 1 -10 what number would you give yourself? And, are you happy with that number?

If not, then why not? What is keeping you from really jumping in with both feet and dedicating yourself to building your business?

What's stopping you from giving it all you've got and building the kick-butt organization you know you want?!

For the rest of the speech I spent time in deep confession, as both teacher and student talked about a tough subject. It's called pruning. Just like the gardener who must cut away dead, unproductive parts of a plant, we need to cut away bad habits, dead-end activities, negative people, and even tempting opportunities that keep us from our ultimate good.

These dead "leaves" in our lives block the "sun" from coming in and nourishing our true destiny.

Do you, like me, need more sun to reach your business? Then cut away some dead leaves like disorganization, procrastination, and even tempting opportunities that keep you from your ultimate good.

Do you, like me, need more sun to reach your key relationships? Then cut away some dead leaves like TV watching or a critical tongue.

Do you, like me, need more sun to reach your physical health? Then cut away some dead leaves like sleeping in too late or laziness.

Do you, like me, need more sun to reach your attitude? Then cut away some dead leaves like negative people and negative thinking.

Let's be honest, pruning, or cutting away, hurts! It wasn't easy for me to decline that principal position. It may not be easy for you to cut out your bad habits, negative thinking, critical tongue, or any of the other dead leaves that are blocking the sun from your success.

But when you have the courage to cut away parts of your life that drain precious time and energy from what's truly important, you liberate yourself by making room for abundance!

"Have the courage to let go of the things that keep you from your ultimate good."

I will not be experiencing what it's like to be a principal of a school. However, I'm having an outrageous time experiencing great success in my speaking career. I am truly amazed at the rapid success I've experienced since I've made the effort to get rid of those things that were holding me back. The bottom line, my friend, is all it takes to make it BIG in your business is all you've got. Give it all you've got today!

Richest blessings,

--Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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